About us

Welcome to Advantage Health & Wellness – a healthcare facility that could best be described as primary care for your spine.

With chiropractic, physical therapy, medical massage and many other services, see and feel the ADVANTAGE of a complete physical medicine facility. As we grow and add services, our goal is to be able to help you manage your health in all ways from a natural approach that uses drugs or surgery as a last resort. With this much to offer, if we cannot help you, we will get you referred to a doctor who can. You may ultimately need surgery or to rely on drugs but you will know that you have tried everything that physical medicine can offer first.

Bring us your physical therapy prescription and see how our personalized and individual attention rather than an assembly line of exercise machines work. Our entire staff operates as a team with a variety of training and capabilities. If it is Surgery Rehab, Accident Recovery, Workers Compensation, Weight Loss, Better Balance, Functional Medicine, Spinal Care, Headache Relief or to visit our Pain Clinic, we are here to help.

Remember when a Doctor would listen to you and get a great understanding of what is wrong, work with you to help you get out of pain? Well it still exists right here in Morgantown, right here at Advantage Health & Wellness.

Welcome to Advantage Health & Wellness

January 2015 I hurt my lower back pushing a truck that was broke down, there was a snap in my lower back with a sharp pain down my left leg. I went to my regular doctor who said I had a mildly deteriorated L5. He put me on muscle relaxers for 3 months, that never stopped the pain. A friend of my wife told me about Advantage Health & Wellness. I was skeptical at first, but did make an appointment. From the first time I walked in and was examined, I could see everyone was committed to my getting better. Dr. Boyd said if you put in 90% of the work, you will get 90% better, so I did what they told me, used the orthopedics, TENS device and brace, did the physical therapy and adjustments, now it is August and I had to tell Dr. Boyd I am not 90% better, I am 95% better, thanks to the entire staff at Advantage Health & Wellness, for their great care and understanding.

John R.