What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Advantage Health and Wellness patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. If you would like to share your chiropractic experience, please email us or let us know next time you visit the office.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Kevin Trembush

20150920_110300I came to Advantage after a car accident where I was suffering from neck, back shoulder and hip pain. I ended up having to have shoulder and hip surgery. Through working with Advantage and their amazing staff, I have been able to recover and get back to the things I enjoy, such as half marathons. I have also expanded my recreational activities to include triathlons. Thank you Advantage for all of your help and getting me back to the place I needed to be in order to do the things I love. ” – Danielle L Shepherd 9/22/2015

I constantly need to find ways to relieve the stress I put on my body when training for marathons. I try stretching and other recovery methods such as icebaths, but the treatment of massage therapy I’ve been getting at Advantage Health and Wellness is the most effective in helping me recover quickly so I can continue trainig at a high level to reach my Olympic goal. – Clara M. Santucci, Marathon runner, running up to 110 miles/week for training.
1st place in Pittsburgh Marathon in the women’s division (May 4th, 2014).

I am so glad I followed a friend’s recommendation and came here! Today was my third visit and I am feeling considerably better than I did on my first. The staff is so kind, considerate and helpful! I genuinely feel that they care about helping me to feel better. It’s a shame that more businesses do not treat their customers the same way, but it works in their favor because it certainly sets them apart from others. Thank you for alleviating my severe pain and giving me a reason to expect that I can be well again!

A few of our video Testimonials:


The physicians Chris went to all wanted to do surgery to fix his shoulder pain but at Advantage Health & Wellness they had a treatment plan that allowed him to avoid that surgery and still get out of pain.


Dave started to fix his back pain and is glad he went through the process. Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Injections. Working with both Advantage Health and Wellness and their referrals to Advanced Physical Medicine payed off.


Regina wants to tell everyone she knows how much we care at Advantage Health & Wellness and how her quality of life has improved now that her pain is managed. She even felt like she wanted to run out and do a cartwheel.


It is amazing when you can go from thinking you will be in pain for the rest of your life, to getting your life back – pain free and without the use of prescription drugs! A once a month adjustment keeps Leanna pain free!


Hear how through the use of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and injections the best possible results were achieved for Socuas.


Even WVU students can have back pain that can slow them down while trying to get that degree. We have drug free solutions for that!!!


Timothy was treated for neck and back pain and is had a miraculous recovery in just 4 months. Timothy is now resuming a normal quality of life. Let us help you.


Alex says within his first visit he noticed relief of the nagging pain he had been living with. He recommends the Physical Therapy and Chiropractic team at Advantage Health and Wellness.


An undiagnosed pre-existing condition – Scoliosis, and then a car accident and Jodi is still living pain free and a better quality of life. Let us help you get out of pain too!


Matt is now able to get down and play with his one year old. After only three months he is back on track and pain free.


Been in an automobile accident and walked away thinking everything was okay only to find out later, ouch that hurts? Do what Robert did and let Advantage Health & Wellness get you out of pain!


Wesley came in with low back pain and responded very well to treatment. He did all his “home” work, and saw progress very quickly. He followed his treatment plan and used the services of both Advantage Health & Wellness and Advanced Physical Medicine to combine Chirpractic care and one injection and it completely relieved the pain. He’s super happy and very thankful about his outcome.

My sciatic nerve pain has almost disappeared. I make long drives to Shriners Hospital for Children. The trips were quite uncomfortable. Now after a long drive, I do not have the pain I had before. I have not felt better in a number of years! ” – Don D.

From the first moment I entered the door, I found nothing except genuine care and concern for my health and wellness being by all the staff. Within a few weeks I was out of pain and able to resume my life again! I felt strong and in control. The quality of care I received has been wonderful. ” – Debbie S.

I have been having lower back pain for 3-4 weeks. I tried muscle relaxers and they did not really work. I felt better in about 3 weeks. I really appreciated everything and it was all awesome! Thank you! ” – Garan K.

Dr. Trembush listened patiently to my tale of frustration. I was given a 15 week plan of chiropractic manipulations, prescribed exercises, massage therapy, and orthotics. I felt significant relief within 3 weeks and total relief in 6 weeks. Everyone listened; I like the philosophy, the education, and the friendly, caring, encouraging attitude of the entire staff. ” – Karen M.

I have had a successful experience at Advantage Health and Wellness. I was unable to sit and stand for long time periods. After completing my treatment plan, I finally was feeling better. I really like the people and the atmosphere. ” – Dennis B.

Over two years I have been burdened with chest pain off and on during my everyday activities. After the doctors treatment plan, I was living the life I wanted, one that was pain free. I felt so much better! At Advantage Health and Wellness they have raised the bar! ” – Mark O.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am feeling 100% better and it’s because of the treatment you provided. Thank you! ” – Carrie H.

I have had lower back pain for about two years on and off. By a month I was alleviated of my pain. Now I come back for my wellness visits to keep my back pain from coming back and living a comfortable lifestyle. Advantage Health and Wellness has a very friendly staff, an efficient way of handling patients quickly, and knowledgeable and effective in answering any questions. ” – Josh H.

I admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. I never imagined that these adjustments would make such a difference in how I feel. ” – Mary M.

I praise God for sending me to you. I know that through the years I have neglected to take proper care of myself. God has placed within each of us the ability to heal. However, without proper care we get off track. Thank you for all the information on forming good health habits. ” – Linda M.

You have a first class operation! ” – Brenda L.

” When I started I had considerable head, neck and back pain, hearing loss & headaches and I was assuming I just had to live like that after the accident. Within 6 weeks I noticed considerable relief.  After 9 months I feel like a new person. Dr. Boyd was the highlight of my week & made me feel like a person of value.” – Charles W.  

” I have had headaches everyday for the past 2.5 years. Ever since I started my treatment at Advantage, my headaches have nearly disappeared. My quality of life has improved tremendously and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you to the entire staff!” – Faith Z.

” Everyone at Advantage Health and Wellness has helped me so much! This is the first place I’ve gone where they cared about my needs and helped me heal.” – Bethany M.

” The workers were very nice and they did a great job in my recovery. The doctors were very helpful as was the staff. Would recommend this place for anybody with health problems. Great atmosphere.” – Robert C.