Chiropractic care is not a traditional treatment of asthma, however, there is research that suggests a link between childhood asthma and nervous system interference.  Chiropractic care has been shown to alleviate symptoms related to asthma due to specific spinal adjustments made by your chiropractor that help return the nervous system to normal functioning.

Asthma, a quite common condition, affects about 5% of the population.  The cause of asthma is not thoroughly understood, but it is believed that allergens within the environment combined with inherited risks contribute to the problem.  Asthma is generally recognized by recurrent attacks of wheezing, breathing difficulty, chest pains, coughing and feelings of exhaustion.

During asthma attacks airways narrow due to swelling in the airway lining and inflammation, airway muscle tightening, and excess mucus production.  Airflow in and out of the lungs is then minimized.  Even without obvious symptoms this constriction is ever present in asthma sufferers.  This underscores the importance asthma management between attacks.

Common environmental triggers include hay fever, grasses and pollens, high humidity, extreme low and high temperatures and the elevated use of chemicals.  For managing asthma, preventative medications have an important role, however, sufferers can still sustain attacks while taking medication.  This is where chiropractic can help.

It is common for asthma sufferers to complain of upper back and neck problems; these areas affect one’s ability to breathe and function properly.  Dysfunctions in these areas affect joint flexibility, which can restrict lung capacity.  Specific spinal adjustments by a chiropractor can aid in returning the full movement of rib and spinal joints allowing for full lung capacity and restore the nervous system to its proper functioning.  According to the Chiropractic Journal of Australia (in 2010), “there are a growing number of case reports that describe improvements in childhood problems such as asthma in children receiving chiropractic care.”

Government agencies and health organizations worldwide agree that detection and addressing of early asthmatic symptoms remain important.   Allowing chronic conditions to progress into adulthood can lead to far greater problems.  Chiropractic can offer asthma sufferers the possibility of active and healthy lifestyles and can also provide gentle and safe care for asthma and breathing difficulties in children of all ages.

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