Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which your body either produces too little of a hormone called insulin which regulates the passage of glucose (sugar) into your cells, or in which your body fails to use insulin properly.  While the causes of diabetes are not well understood, there is a strong link between an individual’s diet, weight and heart health and their likelihood of developing diabetes.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you already know that monitoring your blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy weight and cholesterol level, and controlling your diet are critical to effectively managing your disease.  If you have been diagnosed with what is known as pre-diabetes, you also know that it is critical to act quickly to return to a healthy track.  In both cases, a physical therapist can evaluate your condition and medical history to develop an individualized plan of treatment.  This plan may include dietary recommendations and will certainly feature a regimen of cardiovascular and resistance (weight or elastic band) exercise that is tailored to your condition and abilities.  By adhering to such a plan, you will likely see a decrease in the frequency and dosage of medication you must take to manage your disease, while enjoying less pain and an improvement in your quality of life.