Types of Care

1. Relief Care
We focus on getting you out of pain.
We remove spasms and swelling so your pain goes away. Frequency is important and typically three times a week until pain is gone.

2. Corrective Care
After you begin getting some relief, we help to correct the cause of the pain.
When you choose this type of care you understand that your muscles & tendons need time to change so that your body functions differently and the pain doesn’t quickly return.
There are 3 parts to this type of care.
1. Relief   2. Correction   3. Stabilization
Usually your treatment frequency decreases as you go and re-exams tell us when to change frequencies.

3. As Needed
Come when you want.
We do not manage your treatment plan.
The goal is short term pain relief.
No long term change is expected.

4. Maintenance
If you continue the daily activities that promote stress and pain, a regular checkup of your spine will help you stay healthy and out of pain.
This type of care is most effective after relief or corrective care is completed and may not be covered by insurance. Payment and Insurance information.