How do we boost our immune system and prevent our bodies from suffering undo stress affected by fear?

April 19, 2020

Q:  I am so terribly stressed out over this virus.  Is there anything I can be doing to help with limiting my chances of getting it? (And keep myself busy so I’m not so worried all of the time?)

A:  We are all experiencing in this new normal with sheltering in place and self-isolation. There is tremendous uncertainty and fear generated by this situation we are in presently. In helping you with this question it is imperative for us all to remember that fear puts your body in a fight -flight response and negativity of your thoughts and emotional state can affect your immune system?  When we are stuck in this response our bodies waste a lot of energy on fear and anxiety and this makes our bodies weaker, more vulnerable and more susceptible to illness.

Now, the question is; How do we boost our immune system and prevent our bodies from suffering undo stress affected by fear? Well, there are vitamins and supplements that can help support your immune system. For example, our last article addressed some important essential micronutrients that can help and we even made solutions to easily set up an account for you so you can receive pharmaceutical grade supplements to your door step! Everyone needs some extra Vitamin C and lysine now days.

We can also do things that help our body get out of the fight or flight state such as;

  1. Think of things that you are grateful for.
  2. Practice empathy
  3. Spend time connecting with loved ones you are home with
  4.  Spread joy to others
  5. Watch something that entertains you and makes you laugh and smile
  6. Break out a board game that you used to love playing
  7. Go for a walk outside and get some Vit D from the sunshine that helps boost your immune system.
  8. Keep your thoughts positive and uplifting as opposed to thinking scary thoughts.

Sound hokey?  Dr. Bruce Lipton studies quantum physics and can show you how real these recommendations are with science.  Check out some of his literature while you are holding up and maybe you can change your perspective on things.

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