Q: I am genetically bound to likely have osteoporosis. Can chiropractic be useful?

A: As you age, osteoporosis can steal the strength from your bones and leave you stoop-shouldered and prone to fractures. Studies show that exercise can help significantly in keeping bones healthy, lower the risk of breakage and even treat the condition.

With osteoporosis, the bones in the spine can actually compress and cause considerable pain. Chiropractors recommend a combination of activities to strengthen the muscles and bones in your arms and upper spine and back. These include weight-bearing exercises such as walking, jogging and stair climbing; resistance strength training with free weights, weight machines and elastic bands; and a variety of water movements. Many of these activities can be performed under the supervision of a chiropractor and some need to be in facilities where a licensed physical therapist or a trainer is more commonly found.

Doctors of Chiropractic have long been known to help their patients prevent or improve osteoporosis. They continually keep up-to-date on this condition and are consulted by professionals in other fields for their suggestions on how to better the well being of the aging population.

Nutritional advice and proper use of supplementation are part of the chiropractic contribution to prevention and treatment as well. If you are a senior, ask your chiropractor about ways to maintain your body strength and agility and overall health. The doctor can also suggest ways to lead a better life, if you are already suffering from osteoporosis. Note that if you try a chiropractor out as a provider for services to help with osteoporosis, they should not recommend adjustments to the spine as the only means of helping. Also, if they plan to mobilize your spine with an adjustment as this may important in the management plan, it should be after they have reviewed bone density tests or xrays of your spine.

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