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Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy may sound new, however, this type of therapy has been around for years. These cells were challenging and expensive to acquire in the past. Nowadays, stem cells are obtained by a quick procedure with advanced techniques and innovative equipment.

Various treatments that involve the extraction of stem cells and their injection into damaged tissues have been developed. Some of these treatments involve taking a person’s own stem cells and injecting them into a site of injury. Other treatments rely on stem cells from adult donors.

Other Free Information Sessions we are offering:

  • March 27 – 3pm Live Q & A on Facebook – Pregnancy & Chiropractic
  • May 24 – Back, Neck Pain/Disc Decompression
  • July 26 – Avoid Surgery/Surgery Prevention
  • September 27 – Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Month
  • November 22  – Whiplash & Automobile Injury


    Regenerative MedicineMay 24 - Back, Neck Pain/Disc DecompressionJuly 26 - Avoid Surgery/Surgery PreventionSeptember 27 - Physical Therapy & Chiropractic MonthNovember 22 – Whiplash & Automobile Injury