Payment & Insurance

Methods of Personal Payment

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Check
  • Cash
  • ChiroHealth USA Cash Payments
  • H.S.A.- Health Savings Account
  • F.S.A- Flexible Spending Account
  • Care Credit- A line of credit given as a credit card to pay for any services, supplies or supplements
  • In House line of credit for Interest Free Payment options
  • Over the phone credit card payments

What is Care Credit?

Care Credit is Healthcare Financing. Whatever it may be, when unexpected out-of-pocket healthcare costs arise, using patient financing to turn that big bill into manageable payments can be a great alternative. Care Credit is a Division of GE Capital and America’s largest healthcare financing company. General Electric is one of the most well respected and stable companies in America and for over twenty years, CareCredit has assisted more than seven million cardholders finance their healthcare procedures.

What is Chiro Health USA?

ChiroHealthusa is a health network that allows our providers to contract with you for preferred rates on professional services. ChiroHealthusa gives you “buying power” similar to that of large insurance carriers.

How does it Work?
You will be offered the opportunity to enroll in ChiroHealthusa when you visit our providers. The small membership fee is typically “saved” on the very first visit.

Enrollment constitutes a “contract” between you, ChiroHealthusa and the doctors office. The contract allows you access to lower negotiated fees just like any other “network patient”. The difference is, ChiroHealthusa owns the contract. Not some large insurance carrier or corporation that looks to control reimbursements, choice of doctor, or when you need or want treatment.

The ChiroHealthusa membership covers you and your legal dependents for the annual fee of $49.00. You are eligible for the lower fees immediately upon payment and your membership cards will be issued within 24 hours of receipt. ChiroHealthusa memberships are only available to individuals and their legal dependents and may not be transferred. *ChiroHealthusa is Not Insurance and Should Not Replace Current Insurance*

Participating Health Insurance Carriers

At Advantage Health & Wellness Dr. Trembush participates with many Health Insurances, we even take care of filing all of your claims for you!

  • Anthem BCBS
  • Mountain State BCBS
  • Highmark BCBS
  • Federal BCBS
  • Aetna
  • ACN Group
  • CareLink
  • First Health
  • Great West
  • GE Wellness Plan
  • Golden Rule
  • 4-Most
  • Health Allies
  • Health America/Health Assurance
  • WV Medicare
  • WV Medicaid (Traditional)
  • PEIA/Wells Fargo TPA
  • WV, PA & OH Worker’s Comp.
  • Mamsi
  • Medical Resources, PLLC
  • Private Healthcare Systems
  • United Healthcare
  • UHC Prema
  • Select Net Plus

Worker’s Compensation

At Advantage Health & Wellness we participate with WV and PA Workman’s Compensation, we even take care of filing all of your claims for you!

No Fault Med-Pay

At Advantage Health & Wellness we participate with No Fault Med-Pay, we even take care of filing all of your claims for you! The Med-Pay must be through your personal car insurance- we do not participate with 3rd party claims.

Personal Injury using an Attorney

At Advantage Health & Wellness we work with your personal injury attorney, we even take care of filing all of your claims for you. We provide your attorney with all the information they need on your case pertaining to your care and treatment. We even accept payment on your account when your attorney settles your case!

Little Insurance Coverage

We offer many interest free payment options. Advantage Health & Wellness works with you to find a payment that fits your budget.

At Advantage Health & Wellness we do not want finances to get in the way of your recovery. So when your insurance is not working for you; it’s OK we will help. There are many ways we can make it easy for you.

  • Interest Free monthly payment plans
  • Cash Payment Plans that fit your budget
  • We offer a discount plan that allows us to give you the lowest cash fees for our services

No Insurance Coverage


We offer many interest free payment options. Advantage Health & Wellness works with you to find a monthly payment that fits your budget

  • Spinal Adjustments – $35
  • Therapeutic Massage – $20 per unit
  • Exercise Therapy – $20 per unit
  • Ultra-Sound Sessions – $15
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation – $15
  • Moist Heat or Ice Treatment – $3