Whole Foods

“Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.”

Each individual has basic nutritional requirements to survive and prosper. Our ancestors survived on a basic diet of nutrient dense food. These same foods that are available today do not have the same density of nutrients as they did even 20 years ago. This is due to several reasons, the soil has become depleted from overuse and new industrial techniques focus more on quantity than quality. Our population is constantly bombarded with a high visibility and marketing of foods that have NO nutritional value; chips, cookies, sugary drinks and sodas. These foods are cheaper, quicker and more accessible than the vegetables and meats that have to be prepared. When did everyone run out of time and desire to eat and prepare good food?

With our modern lifestyle, increased toxic load and decreased nutritional intake it is no surprise that we have such a large increase in chronic disease. Even people who are healthy and focus on a whole food diet still should take some basic supplements to make up for these factors. Those who are plagued with a combination of chronic diseases need a specific regimen based on objective testing to help their bodies function and heal. Once they reach that point they can use a diet of whole (REAL) foods and basic supplementation to maintain their health and vitality. My goal is to work with individuals by giving them the specific and unique tools that their body needs to heal.

“You are what you eat.” Be conscious of what you put into your body. Do you want to nourish your body by feeding it a variety of vegetables, meats and fruits that provide the body with most of the nutrients required to function or a diet of sodas, chips, sugars and fried foods that are full of chemicals? Would you decide to build a house out of the highest quality materials possible or with any materials (cardboard, twigs, mud, stones) you could find? Your body is the only one you have to live in. It isn’t too late to turn your life around! Give yourself a chance and invest in your health!

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