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Many times when a person calls our office, it is to get out of pain. They have been injured in a car crash, a sporting event, or work related injury. Some have just let a postural problem or stress just take a toll on them for too long. Many of the people that seek us out for pain relief have to sit at a desk 8-10 hours a day or have to stand or drive all day long.

When this happens, we are ready to help get you out of pain fast, teach you how to change the habits that started the problem, and get you back to life. Most times we will recommend a treatment plan that best addresses your problem and achieves your goals. Recovery is rarely immediate so know what to expect and how to predict your type of care that best fits your goals.

Why physical Medicine versus simply taking a pill? Of course you have a choice as to whether your problem is a priority enough for you to come and see us. This treatment does, after all, require a commitment from you. Taking a pill to dull or mask pain can seem an easy solution. So may doing nothing about the problem… we call that the “wait and see approach”. Physical medicine is about understanding what created the problem in the first place and correcting it. Or in the case of an injury, it is about allowing the healing process to occur faster and more complete – attempting to make your body heal the right way so you are not left with long term residual problems from the injury, usually in the form of scar tissue or degenerative joints.

It is always your choice, but this approach is for a person who knows that taking the pain pill is not really fixing anything. Many of our patients come to us after they have found that popping pills for the past several years has not fixed anything, allowed the real underlying cause to get worse, and may now be dealing with the side effects of long term pain pill or over the counter anti-inflammatory use – kidney, liver, or stomach issues. We will be here for you when the time is right for you.”