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Massage Services

These services are provided at Advantage Health & Wellness by

Joe Council

25 Minute Focused MassageThis Massage Focuses on Deep Layers of Muscle Tissue & Releasing Chronic Muscle Tension  $30

50 Minute Therapeutic MassageAides in Pain Relief, Stress Reduction & Working on Specific Problem Areas  $50

80 Minute Therapeutic MassageThe Same Therapeutic Style, But With More Time to Focus On Those Trouble Spots $80

50 Minute Swedish MassageMost Popular Type of Massage for Manipulating Superficial Layers of Muscle to Promote Whole Body Relaxation $40

80 Minute Swedish MassageThe Same Style Everyone Loves, But With More of It to Love $70

50 Minute Hot Stone MassageWarm Stones and a Relaxing Massage to Melt Away Your Tension & Ease Sore Muscles, With the Added Benefit of Increased Circulation & Metabolism  $60

50 Minute Reflexology MassageReflexology Involves the Use of Key Pressure Points of the Feet  to Positively Affect the Whole Body’s Systems $45

Maternity Massage- Inquire for  additional details

Infant Massage- Usually about 30 minutes, will help teach parents appropriate times to massage, signals from your child when to massage and not to (ask for specific details before booking) $30

Add Ons: Sugar/ Salt Scrub $10, Aromatherapy $10, Wraps $30, Cupping $10

**Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during massage.